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Learn About / Protecting Your Product

Since vibration forces and shock are a normal part of transportation and distribution operations, most shipments will naturally need some type of cushioning. The choice of cushioning material should be able to protect the product from point of origin through to final destination. Cushioning should be capable of absorbing and rebounding multiple times. While wadded-up paper is sufficient for separating items that are not fragile, or to fill voids, it is not a practical cushion material. While there are other forms of cushioning, foam is the best option and can be molded and engineered to conform to the product for the utmost protection.

Wood blocking is recommended when shipping single, heavy goods. The product should be tightly blocked to prevent movement during transit. Generally, two fasteners should be used at each end for adequate protection. Bracing is used with items that can roll or shift in transit. Lumber should be selected based on the weight of the item in order to keep that item stationary during transit.